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  • Hard News: On seclusion rooms,

    Another element that I find troubling is that this kerfuffle affects a group that has been the target of various 'hunts' down the ages. Teacher Aides are often women, in the fullness of their years, and prepared/obliged to do difficult work for minimal pay, without much 'voice'. Society at large deems what is appropriate for the care, dignity, and wellbeing of our children, and metes out the resources accordingly.
    Also that person you quoted sounds like an all-around fantastic human being.

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  • Speaker: We don’t make the rules, we're…,

    Finally some discussion of the TPPA. I don't see why Spark et al don't just sit back and wait for circumventing geo-blocking to become illegal. And it won't be a case of VPN-wackamole with individual users - the big content creators will simply sue the govt directly (Investor-state dispute settlement). Fortunately it will be no great loss - season 3 of House of Cards is pretty lame.

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