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    The need for internet content is at it's highest in New Zealand, presently. The current government have done everything possible to dismantle our freeview project, removing our children's show (selling it to Sky) and replacing it with commercial driven content, dumbing down the content available by removing channel 7 (Documentary channel,) and threatening to get rid of "Campbell Live," replacing him with a couple old rugby stars who will not challenge the status quo. This is a prime example of the "dumbing down" of television content in New Zealand!

    Our content has been dismantled so that the government buddies, Sky, will get all the NZ money--it's a monopoly, folks. I will not allow my children to be subjected to commercials while watching "educational television." I carefully select what they watch from the internet, now. Before, Kidzone was a fabulous program that Labour ran commercial free on freeview, because young minds don't need to be told to buy cheap plastic toys! This is only an example.

    I refuse to purchase Sky, on the basis that it has made good regional programming out of reach for the masses, who are getting poorer daily while the wealth transfers from the poor to the richest. Unfortunately, the poorest third of this country can't afford unlimited download internet service. It's a shame.

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