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  • Polity: Home-spun non-truths,

    What I like about Andrew Little's announcement is the openness - that Labour are looking at the matter, that it is complex, no decisions have yet been made and that we will have a debate about it.

    Much more of this openness and perhaps we will see less of the media's attempts to take 'different' policy ideas down to bury them, and more of their engaging people in discussing the ideas.

    Interesting that it is described as a citizen's income rather than a resident's one. Or is it just semantics?

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  • Speaker: Misrepresenting Kiribati and…,

    The lesson for New Zealanders to learn from this episode is that someone had to be first to claim climate refugee status, and whilst that claim may be fallacious, it is only premature - it will happen again. Are we as a country doing anything now to plan for when it is justifiable and timely?

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  • Speaker: Refugee fear-mongering must stop,

    I respect you Donna Mojab.

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  • Speaker: We don’t make the rules, we're…,

    Whilst you say

    The world of entertainment is changing rapidly. We are on board with that and that’s why we’ve established our own internet-based services

    it does not appear that you are on board with the changes that put customers first.

    Instead, it appears that you are on board with an obsolescent business model that puts the content distributers (rather than content creators) first.

    For example, as a customer of an ISP, I do not want to be forced to subscribe to multiple channels to watch content of my choosing. I also do not want to have to choose my ISP based on what content they make available.

    What I want from my ISP is a high quality of service, no customer service hassles and access to a wide choice of content from different distributors. The ISP offering all that will get my business. At the moment, that necessarily precludes Spark because the last-mentioned want is not available to me.

    If Lightbox were a simple retailer of a wide range of content, then I would consider Spark as my ISP because I would no longer need Global Mode.

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