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  • Access: Safe schools for everyone,

    Good stuff Catherine. I have 2 grandkids who have those sorts of difficulties. They go to state schools and their parents had to go outside the schools and pay to get the kids assessed and treated. It shouldn't happen that way. The kids were lucky that their parents could afford to take that approach when the state system did nothing

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  • Access: Just think of the children,

    Good statement Hilary. We must push for a sognificant increase in taxation for those who can afford to pay so that Govt can afford to provide the services necessay so that we can return to the caring society that used to exist in NZ
    Peter Malcolm

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  • Speaker: Refugee fear-mongering must stop,

    Wonderful writing Donna. Everybody including our Prime Minister and all the politicians.
    Peter Malcolm

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  • Polity: Meet the middle,

    Why pitch your votes to the status quo. Surely good leaders have a vision and go about persuading voters to that cause. I know that whatever logic you use it will never get through to many people but surely there are enough thinking intelligent people around for whom a good message will work.
    Peter Malcolm Income Equality Aotearoa NZ Inc "Closing the Gap"

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  • Speaker: Why we need to stop talking…,

    No, we must continue to talk about income inequality as it is the most important issue facing the world but we must get thwe words right and clear messages about what to do about it.
    It is important as a friend said to me "you are well enough off to be a liberal" What he meant was that for most people if you are worried about where the next meal is coming from then issues like "climate cahnge" are simply not on the agenda.
    As to what we should do about inequality:
    1. A "living wage" for the minimum wage inflation adjusted
    2. Enough well paid jobs for all who need them. If industry can't supply then Govt must.
    3. Benefit levels at living wage levels
    4. A progressive tax system that taxes all income regardless of source, including benefits. No tax on the first $20000 then progressive from there up to 60% on everything over $500,000

    And that is a start.
    Peter Malcolm

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  • Envirologue: The Agony of Vanuatu and…,

    Great stuff. It should be compulsory reading for all New Zealanders Peter Malcolm

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