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  • Field Theory: It's not yours, but you…,

    Curious that DB also market Heineken in NZ. and that Steinlager , made and marketed by their opposition NZ Breweries was originally called Steinecker and lost a case of 'passing off' because of the similarity of name the symbol of a Stein on the label and a similar style of bottle to Heineken. The Judge said that a client aware of Steinecker in a dimly lit bar could be mistaken between the two if I recall accurately.

    Plain language cannot be patented , it can be part of a trade mark with the words generally in a distinctive style but the words are usable by anyone at anytime in plain type. for instance Tip Top Ice Cream and Tip Top Bread both have registered
    trade marks and both trade in their products but do not compete, the original ruling made that quite clear. Another is Quik Stik with the two roundels used as a trade mark for self adhesive labels. Anyone can use the words Quick Stick or Quik Stik but they must not use the roundels and would be unwise to use red white & blue
    in their design, They may get away with selling self adhesive labels but as Quik Stik has been in the market in NZ & Internationally since 1960 they would be likely to lose in the court because of usage which could easily be proved,

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  • OnPoint: Election 2011: GO!, in reply to Dougal Clunie,

    A simplistic way to measure Contact's success is to see that they are the dearest supplier of all the companies, Trust power is only a little better and 51% of their profits go to Origin in Australia.

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  • OnPoint: Election 2011: GO!,

    Great post Keith,
    'Mad Dog' Key seems to be living in a world of his own. If selling assets such as our energy companies is such a great idea why doesn't the other country with a similar fortunate high source of renewable energy sell down their government owned energy companies?
    Go to / and see what they do to make money from their expertise in this field. On hold at present is a HVDC link across the North sea to the UK.

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  • Legal Beagle: He is Henry the Eighth, he…,

    No Apology for turning back to ARD Fairburn


    Oh!, what a tangled web we weave
    when first we practise to deceive!

    And when the practise is perfected
    we're just the boys to get elected

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  • Speaker: There's a word for that ...,

    Thats really tragic, said RB
    Yep! sure is . our very own Tasman Glacier is a classic demonstration of the effect of global warming. I remember
    looking at it from the Ball Hut about 1937 and there was no lake and the snout was just a little way down from the moraine. Now there is a lake, called Lake Tasman , complete with Icebergs and growing in size every year.

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  • Southerly: Dear Dr Bollard,

    Woops!! why don't YOU try it....

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  • Southerly: Dear Dr Bollard,

    Dear David,
    I think your suggestion to use an angle grinder to get into the petrol tank is quite irresponsible and I may need to dob you in to OSH on the other hand why don't try it and let me know how you got on ( should that be went)

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  • Hard News: Going Underground,

    Re Owen McShame and his merry bunch let us all be clear that he is a sort of 21st Century
    King Canute and his cohorts are the 21st Century version of the Flat Earth Society.

    From their website,

    The Centre for Resource Manangement Studies Trust

    The Centre for Resource Management Studies consists of a small executive office, under the direction of Owen McShane, which works with specialists in their fields to promote the objectives of the Trust which funds the activities of the Centre.

    The present Trustees are Don Brash (Chairman), Noel Lane (Deputy Chairman), Sir Roger Douglas, Dick Quax, Alan Gibbs and Owen McShane, the Director of the Centre. We have already established a panel of engineers, architects, scientists and economists who are willing to provide expert advice to the Centre.

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  • Island Life: Key and the 'nesians,

    Banksie is also , most importantly , cutting funds to sort out the combined stormwater/sewage network that they have lots of , so Aucklanders will be assured of pollution in the harbour for some years to come particularly the Eastern Beaches such as St Heliers.
    Okahu Bay used to be called Shit Bay before the Mangere Treatment plant was built.

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  • Hard News: Congratulations, Mr Key,

    Caleb D'Anvers
    Cullen and Clark secrets is best line all day
    Thank you.

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