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  • Hard News: The other kind of phone tapping,

    "There was a phone box in London somewhere where Kiwis in the know could phone home bypassing the coin system and talk free" This is absolutely true. I never used this phonebox myself, but I received plenty of calls from it in NZ. Maybe there was more than one. Any more info?

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  • Hard News: We can do better than this,

    In the Herald today, the charming and gracious Mr Slater talks of all the nice things he does for his friends. I wonder whether his particularly close friend Ms Collins is feeling grateful for the effect he's had on her political fortunes.

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  • Hard News: Dirty Politics, in reply to Keir Leslie,

    What's also a little shocking here is Odgers' professional incompetence. As has been pointed out here already. N. Hager is listed in the Wgtn phone directory by name, address and phone number, and has been for quite a few years. Way to run up your billable hours, Cathy.

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  • "The Terrorism Files",

    the outfits that rabble on the hiko are wearing appears to little more than a poor taste attempt to be provative.

    According to press reports, the hikoi is organised and headed by Taiarahia Black, who is a full professor and head of the Maori Dept at Massey University PN. The knee-jerk, bigoted and outright offensive remark above demonstrates just how effective the Dom's press coverage is at demonising and trivialising sincere efforts of public protest by the likes of Prof. Black.

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