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  • Hard News: Park Life, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I agree it would be better than Rawalpindi, but the fact remains that no case has been put forward in the council proposal for the success of such an area. It is simply "build it and they will come". I can also really endorse the "another school" idea. Gladstone Primary is bursting at seams at over 900 students with the students then scattering to Kingsland / Ponsonby and Pt Chevalier to find places for two years of intermediate. If the Unitec proposal goes ahead something will need to happen.

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  • Hard News: Park Life,

    I live locally and can see a couple of negatives with redevelopment. Firstly the need for sports fields has been identified for the afterschool training sports (not weekend competition). This addition to rush hour traffic will cripple the already congested St Lukes Road especially when the SW16 link joins at Gt North Road and put more traffic on to the NW citybound. Secondly , who will use the passive recreation area? It probably won't be those locally, as the Rawalpindi reserve currently stands deserted and disused and closeby Western Springs would be much preferred to a former fairway.

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