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  • Hard News: New Lounge Toy Update,

    I've still got a mess of cables as I'm using funny old cassette adapter too, but this is a pretty nicely done iPhone bracket I got from MagnumMac for about $60:
    I'm using a Blueant Supertooth 3 which works well for answering, especially with the phone in a bracket. The iPhone interface for switching between iPhone / iPhone Speaker / Blueant is nicely done and easy to use with the phone handy in the bracket.
    I believe the 3GS will voice dial with these now too (not 100% on that).
    But still a bit of a cable party until I get round to stuffing some of it behind the dash...

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  • Hard News: Where your money goes,

    Is it better to just buy $100 worth of raincoats and gumboots and drop them off at the City Mission? With $20 donation to help with their costs?

    (And then I guess you try not to think about the young Chinese women working in some toxic rubber factory...)

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  • Hard News: New Dataz,

    According to the new YouTube content gets run through Apple somehow first. So it won't all be there automatically. Just "thousands" of clips initially with the rest coming later.

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