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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Everybody Loves…,

    Sad news indeed. My condolences to the Spence family. Neil's legacy is that as part of the Androidss he gave me some great memories from the 80s in Christchurch.

    The Androidss video really is a 3 min documentary of life from the early 80s for Christchurch too. I still have that as 7" single and it was one of my first record purchases as a 17 year old (it was a B-side I think). The video reminded me of the weekly routine of playing spacies at Petes burger bar, then off to the United Service Hotel for underage drinking and then finally off to a party to pogo to the Androidss or Mainly Spaniards on the Pye stereo player at some flat in Riccarton.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Cilla!,

    Thanks for your music postings every Friday Russell - its always a highlight of my online week. Cilla's voice is extraordinary.

    I just want to shout out a couple of gigs not to be missed this weekend. Ska band The Selector are playing this Friday at Bodega in Wellington and on Saturday at The Studio in Auckland.

    The concert at the Dux Live in Christchurch was unforgettable. Something occurred that I have seen in many years - the whole dance floor bouncing in unison. Not bad for a few hundred 40-50 year olds!

    After 35 years The Selector showed the same energy as this:

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