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  • Hard News: The K Road Story,

    Great article. Who would've thought that the goofball from Shortland Street and the punk-pop band Rubicon singing "Who would call their kid Bruce anyway?" would end up being in real estate investment...

    As an outsider, K-Rd is definitely the best and most unique thing about Auckland. I love visiting there whenever I can.

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  • Hard News: Home advantage,

    What this has done is it has set a precedent so that other players can call upon the referee to view the replayed footage on a stadium screen for any infringements or illegal acts, and cite Jean De Villiers' challenge to Liam Messam's high tackle as a reference point. Otherwise we would have unfair treatment and inconsistency in the sport. I find it particularly odd that a referee would listen to a player talking about an incident that happened a fair number of phases beforehand instead of continuing the game.

    There are enough stoppages and breaks that disrupt the game's flow, especially during scrum time, and now this incident has only added to the slow nature of rugby these days. We don't want the sport ruined by players challenging every single ruck, lineout and scrum during a game.

    During this particular game there were plenty of infringements by both teams that were missed by the officials. It seems pretty pathetic for this incident to happen without considering the other illegal plays and infringements in the rest of the game, and ultimately the referee influenced the outcome of a game in a manner that he probably shouldn't have.

    Of course this goes without saying that the Springboks played a fantastic match and probably deserved to win, and the All Blacks managed to comeback spectacularly, but we must also not forget that McCaw declined multiple penalty shots at goal which unfortunately cost the All Blacks the game.

    In regards to home advantage, I think that the New Zealand crowds and broadcasting crews are on the whole fairer than their South African and Australian counterparts. And I've seen a fair number of incidents in the past where they've been replayed on the stadium screen and flat out ignored by the match officials. This has been one of the few times where the referee has been requested by a captain to review a particular phase of play because of a replay on the stadium screen. There has to be a better process than this, because this is clearly just not working for anyone except the winning team.

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