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  • OnPoint: MSD's Leaky Servers,

    Unfortunately public ignorance of IT is going to work in the government's favour on this one. They're describing it as a security flaw and 'investigating' how the flaw occurred - as if to suggest it was a complex error in an existing security framework rather than a complete lack of any security whatsoever - and Key's already heavily downplaying it saying on Breakfast this morning that "accessing the information wasn't easy". The media aren't likely to run too far with it by themselves and Labour never miss a chance to miss an opportunity. I'm predicting this story will be gone within ~3 days.

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  • Hard News: The Big Day Out, Auckland, 2009,

    Pendulum primarily covered their first album material, which is a shame as I find their second album, 'In Silico', which is closer to Muse-esque arena rock than D&B, a lot more interesting. It's worth checking out.

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  • Random Play: BDO: Field of Dreams (and Nightmares),

    Pendulum are a bit of an oddity actually - their first album (which most of the stuff they played at BDO was from) is pretty standard D&B fare, whereas their second album is like some strange kind of cross between Muse and Black Sabbath and it's only the persistent 'bass-bass-snare' drum lines would that barely qualify it as D&B at all. Worth checking out, actually, there are some excellent tracks on there.

    I think I must have been in the wrong spot for the Ting Tings, as all the people around me were standing stubbornly with arms folded refusing to dance.

    Sneaky were awesome though - Connie Mitchell would make the best aunty ever.

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  • Hard News: Listen to the Music,

    The L.E.D.s have always reminded me more of Ladytron than anything else, but with less lady, naturally.

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