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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,

    Modern Times seems to be San Diego rather than San Fransisco.

    As for contribution to words. I'm adding "feelpinion"

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  • Speaker: The problem of “horror tenants”…, in reply to ChrisB,

    I think this comment demonstrates one of the flaws of the WOF proposal. Compliance costs for landlords (which will be higher the greater the standards set by the WOF) could drive rents up beyond the affordability of the very tenants who the WOF process is trying to protect.

    Rent prices are set by demand though, and the WOF isn't likely to increase demand substantially.

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  • Hard News: Still sounds good,

    I guess i'm a more recent fan, but i'm going to go with evolution. I'd just won the Australian compilation from one of the street press mags when i got a job interview in the US. I took it with me and listened to it while driving a rental car down the 101. It didn't matter that the traffic was slow and freeway filled with potholes - there was sun and dimmer was blaring. The bass felt good, the song a bit more relaxed and confident than the earlier straight jacket fits tracks.

    P.S. This sounds like a train that needs an outing in Melbourne!

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  • Hard News: A few (more) words on The Hobbit,

    I'm definitely happy it's locked in. However, I find it troubling that once the whole idea of the film being in trouble arose, it was in the studios interest to feed that fire, and then in John Key's interest to save the day by offering them more money.

    I just can't help but feel we got played.

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  • Hard News: Food Show 08,

    Even if Lygon st Melbourne is a bit of a tourist strip these days, it was always an affront to see a Star Bucks there.

    It won't be missed by me atleast.

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  • OnPoint: Spoonfuls of sugar,

    The drought aint so bad yet, you'd hardly notice it in the actual inner city. They still manage to somehow water everything and restrictions only affect you if you get caught, 3 times. Not that I moved here for any alledged tax advantage.

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