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  • Speaker: Let's talk about class, in reply to Rosemary McDonald,

    Rosemary, I totally agree. And I have never doubted for one second that there are a lot of people out there agitating for action and accountability on Pike.

    The issue I was referring to was whether the left, and the politically aware and articulate have been part of that agitation -- I would argue they have not. These are broad-brush strokes, of course, and there are some people in the left who have been loudly pushing for accountability on Pike, but from they've met the same kind of disinterest from their political peers that I have. I put that down, at least to some extent, to the fact we are not talking about class. Which, compared to how we talk about a lot of aspects of identity politics, is somewhat of an anomaly.

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  • Speaker: Let's talk about class, in reply to william blake,

    William, I felt exactly the same. I felt like I was being "punked": how could this happen, and how could it be, as you put it, the PM's door was still standing. I get that some people will say there was judicial accountability (in that the company, albeit defunct, was prosecuted), but even the judge that made the order was pretty cynical about what that decision meant in real time.

    There's been a lot of people trying to raise attention to the issues in Christchurch, and I can only imagine how frustrating the rest of the country's apparent disinterest must be.

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