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  • Up Front: Bonging Science Doughnut Time,

    I've forgotten how many MRIs I've had (and CTs as well) for my little brain tumour, but I'm getting used to the scan... and even enjoyed one of them in a meditative kind of way.

    One trick I used for a while was to look directly above into the small mirror, and read the seconds that are counting down. They're reflected off the front of the MRI machine, onto the window opposite, and onto the mirror. (At least that's how I think it works). The numbers are reversed so you have to watch out for 5s and 2s.

    In other words, it's boring as hell, and that's without the noise. I've now got them to stop putting music on, because the grrk, kak, fft sounds make it unbearable.

    My tumour's been taken out and grown back, but the only symptoms I've ever had from it are these damned scans, blood tests and appointments! Oh, and the pills I have to take as a result of the last surgery! Don't get me wrong, I'm appreciative of it all - but sometimes I wonder if life would be a bit easier if they never found the thing.

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  • Hard News: They don't make 'em like they…,

    On the topic of browsers and PicLens - it's available for Safari as well:

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