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    We have absolutely no idea. On the same night we were interviewed by the local newspaper, who were doing a feature on the guy who owned the cooking school (plus three hotels, two restaurants, a spice shop and who knows what else). When we read the story in the morning, the reported had taken our names and made up quotes to go with them!

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    I became a vegetarian when I was 11 years old, so Indian cuisine is very near and dear to me. My partner and I live in Newtown, Wellington, meaning we have about six excellent curry houses within spitting distance. My loyalties are torn -- Curry Heaven for a fragrant dal makhani, but Temptations up the road for the dal tadka. Planet Spice has the best naan.

    My favourite place in Wellington, though, is Balti House opposite the library. It's run by a family from Birmingham, and my favourite dal makhani is classed as a side dish, meaning I get a decent portion for about $8.

    Last year we made a gastronomic pilgrimage to India and we were mostly disappointed. The best food was to be had (as it usually is while travelling) across the road from the main train station in Delhi. We stumbled in while jetlagged and starving at 5am and had the most delicious paratha.

    Later during the trip, we took a cooking class in Udaipur, with a British couple who couldn't STAND spicy food. We were pretty sure that people like them were the reason we couldn't get a spicy enough dish from any establishment despite begging and pleading.

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