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  • Busytown: School bully, in reply to HORansome,

    Having been one of those taught under a system "codified by the Victorians", I think you do it a disservice.

    We weren't taught to a test, we had it instilled in us that in order to succeed, you had to do well. In order to do well, you had to learn. In order to learn, you had to study.

    I left school much too early, but the lessons I learned about learning and self-motivation stayed with me.

    I don't have any formal qualification, past school certificate, but never stopped learning, never stopped searching for answers, mostly thanks to a realisation that no-one can learn for you. If you want to know something you have to do the hard yards yourself.

    I look at the propensity for 'teaching to the test' and to me, that is Victorian teaching. Get a list of words, learn them, recite.

    In my experience, too much emphasis these days is on tools and technique, not enough on instilling an understanding of what you need to do to learn.

    We weren't allowed individuality, we didn't have our differences lauded and promoted. No doubt some were left behind by this barbarous practice, but for many it made them - learning how you fit, rather than negotiating how to have things fitted to you.

    And while I'll not be an advocate, the cane never failed to make me focus.

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