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  • Radiation: 7 Minutes with Miss Fisher, in reply to Emma Hart,

    Absolutely agree! I would love to see Corinna's apartment building. And her gorgeous man!

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  • Speaker: The Uncomfortable Silence,

    Thank you for writing and sharing this beautiful piece. I am so sorry your brother died. How awful for you all that he is no longer here.

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  • Up Front: Adric and the Art of Asking,

    I have never met you but always enjoy your writing and own 'Not Suitable For Work'.
    I will be keeping everything crossed for you and look forward to reading your novel.
    Serialising - great idea!

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  • Capture: Wellington? Well, I Would.,

    Great photos everyone! As a wandering Cantabrian currently living in Dunedin, I am feeling most homesick for Welly.

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  • Hard News: Walking upright again,

    Thanks for the Media7 programme last night. It was positive and depressing all at once. My family and I have relocated from ChCh to Dunedin for work, with the added benefit of escaping the quakes and continuing struggles. I have been finding things increasingly emotional and am very jittery since leaving. I guess perhaps as I am not there to help and support my family and friends. The thought of another major one striking fills me with panic.
    I am looking forward to seeing the documentary, but don't want to see it at a theatre. Will it be released on DVD?
    Love and thoughts to all still in ChCh.

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  • Field Theory: Things that go bump in the…,

    I avoid scary movies, actually most movies to be honest.
    The book that freaked me out the most was American Psycho , absolutely no desire to see that movie despite Christian Bale. I had to put the book down every few pages to recover.
    Another story that scared me I don't remember the name of or the author, but involved a person climbing a circular tower, never getting to the top and unable to stop as there was 'something' behind them. Of the 'nameless horror' genre I guess.

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  • Up Front: Isn't It Romantic?,

    Mal AND Inara. Def not Hugh or Colin. What about Daniel Craig and that Welsh Eoin Whathisname from all those BBC sailing dramas?

    Also re romances, I have only started reading them in the last few years and I prefer the vampire/shapeshifter/exotic fantasy ones. Def slightly embarassed to be reading them. And me a librarian too!

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  • OnPoint: Don’t let them eat cake,

    "Excuse me, do you know that your muffler doesn't muffle, you've got a leaky valve going *pssssh* all the time, and that you're in the wrong gear? Also, did you run over a Christmas tree? You have some lights stuck to the bottom of your car."

    Hah! Best smile of the day! I'm not sure about crushing, but I do think if they have a lot of unpaid fines, debt etc then their cars should be taken in default payment.

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