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  • Southerly: England's Pleasant Pastures Seen,

    P.S. Sleepless Bob-the-Baby :

    Hardly surprising when both of his parents are owls.

    20 degrees already today

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  • Southerly: Life at the Edge of the…,

    Ah yes cholest -er - rolls, the North Valley scarfies staple diet. Well it was before cheese became an expensive item.

    Cold! it's only May, it hasn't started to get cold yet. Cold is when the water drops on the shower walls freeze on impact.

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  • Southerly: The Astonishing New Car from…,

    Yes, I have been the rear seat passenger in a Messerschmitt KA, a unique and scary experience as we slowly accelerated to highway velocity and truck wheels thundered by at eye level. Similarly, the Loremo evokes images of a sardine tin with a plastic top; it does the job but is easily squashed flat.

    For those interested in efficiency, my Morris 1000 (bought for $475) would travel from Wellington to Auckland for under $5 and never exceeded the speed limit on the open road. No car that I have owned since has ever been so economical.

    Didn’t the Ford GT40 V8 sound good? Cars should be rated on sound, not rational stuff.

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  • Southerly: The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth,

    Nice pictures but...

    Have you measured the distance from the port to the airport by sea? 20 min no way! It's over 20km and on a congested waterway. After flying hours and hours to get to godzone do you really fancy a 2 hour canal ride to the city. No, you need a high speed train, monorail or bus to the nearest crashpad. By the way, the main trunk line is only 5km from the airport.

    RE: Carlaw park. Apart from Trevor, who gives a shit about the rugby. Build the stadium in Taranaki or Waikato where there is plenty of space and rugby supporters.

    RE: the bridge. If two lanes were dedicated no-fare bus lanes, if there were plenty of buses and the non-bus lanes were electronic $5 each way toll (to pay for the free buses) the whole dynamic would rapidly change and we would not need to build more motorways.

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