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  • Cracker: Gone Fushin’, in reply to andrea quin,

    Errr... why else would you catch snapper if not to eat them Andrea? Would you prefer we all just bought our fish (if we're rich enough) at the fish shop from the long line ocean rapists whose catch limit is measured in tonnes?

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  • Speaker: Surviving Small III: Creating a…,

    As a PR professional who has worked with Rod and seen him in action at close quarters, I can say this is advice as good as it gets. It's a template for building a leadership profile in your industry that every CEO of businesses large and small should attempt to emulate.

    Central to Rod's intuitive PR genius are, I think, three core attributes that are worth remembering:
    - relevance: when he talks he has something intelligent to say that makes a constructive contribution to any debate
    - openness: Rod gives a lot to journalists (as he does to many people). I don't think he ever gives the impression he's being guarded or holding something back, which encourages trust in a relationship
    - positivity: Rod's public attitude is always 'up', he always seems genuinely excited about things and excitement is infectious
    Chris Brown

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