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  • Hard News: The New Boss,

    Oh sorry Fiona, just checked and yep – ‘daft’ and ‘fogey’ was your crisp language – half assed was Justin (I think).

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  • Hard News: The New Boss,

    Since I wrote it, a member of the public has also picked up Duh.

    Oh that would be me then.
    It was one of those big red button moments - you know the ones - a big red flashing button...
    On Nat Radio Justin Gregory (I think) asked TVNZ CEO Rick Ellis about why the domain had not been purchased and he said he imagined it has been purchased and then talked about owning the rights. Fiona Rey called it decidedly ‘half assed’ not to have grabbed it. Now since this was probably a prerecorded interview and I was sitting at the computer I just had a look and there it was STILL [cue big red button moment].
    $29.95 lighter and it was mine. Not a big investment.

    Didn’t end there though. Here’s some of the trip:

    1/ Purchased the domain

    2/ I realised this could be framed as cybersquating - so checked and saw that there was no trademark on Karaoke High - and so to protect my backside I put in an application for a trademarks on Karaoke High (Class 41, and narrowed to entertainment websites). Very easy on the web, took 30min (most of that time was looking for my credit card to lose another $100).

    3/ Oh I also picked up the domain guessing that it would sooner or later become the short form – and having spent $130 I was starting to not think of it as protest action, so what was another $29.95.

    4/ Feeling a little uneasy about this vast expenditure however, I had 2.5 goals in mind as I played.

    First, was a personal learning trip - what would happen and how does the law work around domain names and trademark. The same sort of curiosity that wrecks quite perfectly functioning toys. I was learning already.

    Second, this was perhaps I should use this as a learning trip for TVNZ – along the lines of “this should push the issue and get some process in place”. When Rick Ellis talks about ‘rights’ he needs to think beyond copywrite and have a full prophylactic package of protection against rose buds like me. If they can’t do it in NZ how will they go in the big wide world?

    And half a thought was money. Can’t deny it. Getting my money back would be great (as in; phew!).

    I did the next big red button thing and chucked it up on trademe – just before xmas – silly me. This did get me a call from a solicitor (called himself solicitor general) for TVNZ and we debated the issues – in dictation speech slow motion manner. And debatable it is/was. He took my email address and I didn’t hear back. I did also hear from the guy who also tried to buy it, but was 8min too late. He sounded interesting.

    Now… Hmmm… I’m really not sure what I should do with it. Its there to sell or toy with a bit more I guess.

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