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  • Hard News: Radio being made,

    I liked it overall, but they need to fix some snags.

    Fully agree with the Tie mics, they don’t add enough ‘body’ to the voices, I couldn’t hear it a lot of the time when I was cycling home, the previous pure radio bulletins I’m usually okay with. A desk mike wouldn’t mess with the picture too much, hell letterman has had one on his for years.

    It’s actually something the Paul Henry show does quite well, makes the TV show sound pretty good too.

    They do the same thing in Norway, this is unapologetically a radio show with pictures, but is quite good:

    Did anyone else get the slight picture jump on channel 50? It was really distracting.

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  • Radiation: Sci-fi high,

    DONT look at wikipedia, it's got some Huge spoilers about BSG S3 on it, just buggered up the last coupla episodes for myself!

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  • Year in Review 2006,

    'kay, I may have been outta the country for a while... but what on earth was that last bit about!?

    Krumpin at the beehive or something?

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