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    Kia ora koutou and thanks for the comments

    When you have real problems with a bill the question of whether to support it to select committee and use the first reading to highlight problems, or alternatively to vote against first reading, is always a tricky one. Ultimately its a subjective decision and I stand by mine and the Green Party's final position. Having said that, I acknowledge that for others the balance might have been different, for all sorts of good reasons, and respect that. At the end of the day I don't think any of us here are in fundamental disagreement.

    I look forward to working with others to highlight concerns and to achieve positive amendments where we can. It is possible that the bill might be amended enough to allow the Greens to vote for it - I hope so, and will work to that end. I do think that having forced a vote in parliament on it was a useful thing to do. If we had not opposed it, it would simply have passed on the voices and any concerns may have been less audible.

    It does the government no credit that they have allowed only a foreshortened select committee process. Unfortunately the Greens do not have representation on the Commerce Committee but I will see if my timetable (and the Business Committee) allows me to sit on as a non-voting member. If so I look forward to seeing some of you there.

    Have a good summer all

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