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  • Hard News: Political Idol, or whatever…,

    Regarding the deputy prime ministership, and remembering our malleable constitution, why not get used to the idea of a co-deputy prime ministership? It would see a greening of our constitution and why not, other innovations have already served to indigenise NZ-styled MMP, such as Ministers outside Cabinet, and the world hasn't ended yet.

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  • OnPoint: Ich bin ein Cyberpunk,

    Spectacular. :-)

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  • Speaker: Naked Inside the Off-Ramp,

    Pete George - Labour haven't given themselves any problems at all. It wasn't their bill. They've instead been gifted greater flexibility through their opponent's action freely taken. I imagine that Labour and the Greens promising a review of our intelligence services, alongside a promise to deliver on the MMP Review, will offer an appealing contrast and choice for many voters.

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