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  • Cracker: P is for Politics.,

    What about Tim Shadbolt? He seems to be as competent as any other NZ mayor, and his brain must be fried.

    I don't think past drug use would have much bearing on a person's ability to run a city. Surgeon, pilot, customs officer - yep. But mayor? Nah. It's not like the other candidates are geniuses or pillars of society.

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  • Hard News: So far from trivial,

    I'm not so sure he should be prosecuted. Isn't it up to the victim whether to make a complaint? She chose not to, and I think we should respect her choice.

    The police should investigate to make sure she wasn't coerced into anything, but surely they have better things to do than prosecute in a case that the parties involved have already settled independently.

    That said, I don't have any sympathy for him either, and won't lose any sleep if he never works in the media again. You do something as stupid as that, you gotta deal with the consequences.

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  • PA Radio: Social networking - meet the users,

    Cheers for that, very interesting..

    I think there's a section at the end missing though - the last 1:45. Anyone else have that problem?

    I joined Facebook about a month ago and was surprised to see that about 85% of my mates were already on it - though most had joined in the last few months.

    The best part? A random idea last weekend for 5 of us to meet up for drinks this Saturday is looking like it has become a huge party, just because it's so easy to invite lots of people.

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  • Hard News: The Big Stereo Bundle,

    But where's the cute puppy

    It's also lacking a drum and bass intro. And the stories were so LONG!

    On a similar note, here's the news in the future...

    Hope it works this time...

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  • Hard News: The Big Stereo Bundle,

    That we grew up watching this explains a lot about my generation...

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  • Hard News: No Bills,

    I think it's partially the way the campaign was waged - basically the approach was to bag the Bill and generate support for defeating it rather than promote a better alternative.

    I think that goes for both sides of the debate, as presented by the media - on the one hand, heaps of time given to Kedgely and Rankin attacking, and on the other, Annette King defending.

    I don't think I've actually heard a single conversation between anyone, anywhere, trying to establish common ground and figure out what the best policy would be.

    And that includes this comment thread, and of course this post too ;-)

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  • Hard News: No Bills,

    So, via hysteria on the one hand (and yes I do think that's a fair description of some of Kedgley's rhetoric) and naked political calculation on the other, New Zealanders will suffer.

    That's not entirely fair... the Bill failed because it had at least the appearance of being overly restrictive, and it raised a lot of opposition.

    Surely the fault for any negative consequences rests more with those who drafted it ineffectively - rather than with the opposition parties who did what they're supposed to - i.e. oppose questionable legislation?

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  • Hard News: Transmogrithingy,

    Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes...

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  • Random Play: The Roaring Silence,

    Now that the excitement of the Waterfront stadium has worn off, most of the people I talk to seem to be leaning to the "sensible" option, i.e. temporary seating at Eden Park, done on the cheap.

    I still haven't heard a good reason why Auckland needs a permanent 65,000 seat stadium.

    Sure it's the least exciting option but we can surely come up with a better way to spend $385m. Not increasing rates by that amount, for example.

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  • Hard News: Aiming for mediocrity. Again.,

    Mallard: Well, sir, there's nothing on earth
    Like a genuine,
    Bona fide,
    65-000 seat
    What'd I say?
    Clark: Stadium!
    Mallard: What's it called?
    Hubbard: Stadium!
    Mallard: That's right! Stadium!
    [crowd chants `Stadium' softly and rhythmically]
    Herald reader: I hear those things are awfully loud...
    Mallard: The glass is thick, you won't hear the crowd.
    John Alexander: Is there a chance the wharf could break?
    Mallard: Not on your life, my sidelined mate.
    Brash: What if the job runs over budget?
    Mallard: We'll raid the surplus, Cullen'll fudge it.
    Confused Auckland resident: What if 2 weeks' not enough to choose?
    Mallard: Jade's ready to go, you snooze, you lose.
    Hide: The ring came off my pudding can.
    Mallard: Take my pen knife, my good man.
    I swear it's Auckland's only choice...
    Throw up your hands and raise your voice!
    All: Stadium!
    Mallard: What's it called?
    All: Stadium!
    Mallard: Once again...
    All: Stadium!
    Half of Auckland: But the motorways still aren't finished, there's no decent public transport, the health system's poked, education needs more funding, we all deserve a tax cut and rates keep going up...
    Other half: Sorry, guys, but it's the World Cup!
    All: Stadium!
    [big finish... all of Auckland marches out onto the Waterfront]
    Tizard: Stadi... D'oh!

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