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  • Hard News: NZME and you,

    We still get the print edition of the NZ Herald and my favourite game is to guess what page the real news will start out on. The front page has become so irrelevant that it's barely read. A fixation on house prices and what the b/g friends of minor celebs get up to. Quite frequently there'll be a story that was live on CNN days earlier, but the delay hasn't improved the depth etc of the story. As for online ads, I let them run, they're paying for what I get for free. The spam in my physical letterbox, I'm not so tolerant of that.

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  • Hard News: Last Words, in reply to Russell Brown,

    A friend was talking about how she's so pleased with how her son was going at University - "I've got my bubbly boy back, high school was just surviving". I look at my boy who has "survived" his inner city intermediate and wonder if he will fare much better at high school. According to National Standards this "gifted", engaged and engaging child is average at best. Something is wrong here and I struggle to have confidence in the education system.

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  • Hard News: Going Social,

    I'm having some interesting conversations with my "early adopter" friends about facebook. Most never went for the huge friend counts but did accept friends who were business contacts and acquaintances. They're now rethinking this and creating business "pages" where they can connect with business contacts or sending them to Linked In. Interesting new trend there though is to ask for endorsements from contacts you haven't even done business with.

    This discussion is interesting:

    Starts out with a party and a dispute but has posts where friendship is claimed and later downgraded to acquaintance. It delves into the party host's divorce agreement (NZ) which includes deletion of facebook accounts and never posting anything negative on facebook. Extraordinary.

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  • Hard News: Touched by the hand,

    Watched it for the first time last week - thought it was going to be a lame "funniest ads" type of program and was pleasantly surprised. Will be watching again tonight (can't record it).

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