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  • Hard News: TV: IP Everywhere,

    It's the weekend! Time for nonsense:

    That's DJ Ryusei, aged six, and DJ Sara, already a veteran at age 8. I was stoked I could count up to 100 by the time I was six. I'm not as celever as I thought I was.

    And James Earl Jones' redubbing of Darth Vader has cheered me when I was blue up several times in the last few months:

    "In 1924, I posed for another sculpture, it was a nude bronze! It depicted me singing Deep River!"

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  • Speaker: It's the recrimination I don't…,

    I'm a little confused by the latest piece of comment from the fine writers at the Times:

    If the All Blacks were so unspeakably arrogant and such incredibly bad sports, what does that make England when this comes from the keyboard of one of their “leading rugby writers”? I would've thought that crowing over the defeat of an enemy would actually make you the bad sport...

    On the other hand, it is nice to read many of the comments that follow it, in which many overseas rugby fans show considerably more sportsmanship than the pros.

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  • Speaker: It's the recrimination I don't…,

    Even though I think Henry ended up with a massively undercooked plan, I really, really wish he would stick around. Every time we crash out of a World Cup the first thing we do is panic and throw the coach out. Wouldn't it be better if we stuck with one for a while and had somebody who could actually learn from his mistakes so they wouldn't make them again next time? Nah, just get rid of him, get somebody new who can find whole new ways of screwing up. Fantastic.

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  • Hard News: Walk the Line,

    Does this person know something we don't?

    Press release from CANDOR (anti drug drive group): PARTY PILLS HELPING TO REDUCE ROAD TOLL - SURVEY

    So how would that fit with the new drug impairment test and possible rescheduling of party pills?

    CANDOR are far more concerned about people nodding out on the road after taking their legal methadone dose than anybody taking a party pill to keep them going on a long drive. It's all about the drowsiness.

    Their spokeswoman was actually misquoted on National Radio recently where she said they were worried about people driving after taking benzodiazepine sleeping pills, and the interviewer assumed she was speaking about BZP (Benzylpiperazine). Suppose it's a fairly easy mistake to make, although it is a pretty siginificant difference...

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  • Yellow Peril: the identity game,

    Well, according to the mighty Paul Henry on Breakfast this morning, all those Asians aren't just the same ethnic group, they're the same nationality. Which, unless my knowledge of international geography is incredibly lacking, is just a little bit wrong. (That wasn't even the biggest mistake he made when going over the figures on the show today, but it was certainly the most cringe-worthy.)

    Watching Breakfast before heading off to work in the morning isn't big or clever, but yelling at the TV screen is a great way to let off some steam before the day even gets started....

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