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  • Hard News: Consumer,

    As someone who's been using mobile data for 5 years or so now, I just can't get over how little the average cost has changed.

    I'm still paying the exact same amount for 1gb of data as I was paying two years ago, whereas my fixed line data costs/allowance have significantly improved.

    Considering the mobile industry has been waiting for that 'killer app' to get their mainstream customers using mobile data in volumes, I would have hoped that Vodafone might have taken this opportunity with the iPhone to really make it affordable to do so.

    It feels strange to say this, but I'm quite looking forward to Telecom getting their GSM network underway and seeing what kind of improved competition this could bring.

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  • Hard News: Geekstravaganza,

    Summer Street you say? How convenient, I'm moving in there this week, bring on my ~24Mbps!

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