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  • Speaker: Good Times on High Street,

    I loved how on the dancefloor people would scream euphorically at the top of their lungs or belt out a 'YEEEEAAAH! or 'WOOOOOO!'' every time a good vocal came in or wicked bassline dropped in the song.
    Such a cool, passionate crowd at the Box.
    That vibe is still unmatched to this day in other clubs..

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  • 08 Internet NZ: Where now?,

    Here's a good article re: pushing FTTH

    Telecom's roadside cabinet's using ADSL2+ (24Mbps, or more like 18 if you're lucky...) technology aren't going to provide enough bandwidth if 3 or 4 people ('mum, dad & the kids') each want to stream their own HD-channel/movie. When is the NZ govt. gonna wake up and decide on a long term plan/some future vision??? For the love of god, please spend tax payer money on high-bandwidth infrastructure like fiber-to-the-home, cause Telecom will keep shafting us and competing ISPs (with bs like roadside cabinets) Ad infinitum...

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  • 08 Internet NZ: Where now?,

    Okay my biggest fear, which is actually going to happen...
    Telecom waits for all ISPs to invest significantly in LLB (local loop unbundling) by installing DSLAMs into unbundled Exchanges...
    As soon as they're tied their money up, Telecom rolls out it's NGN by running fiber to roadside cabinets, cleverly bypassing the new regulations shafting it's rivals and re-establishing itself as a monopoly...and 'whoops! we forgot to leave enough room in our roadside cabinets for competitors equipment, SORRY!!'

    It's time that Local Councils and Government got together and funded the digging up and laying of FTTP (fiberoptic to the premises). Yes we are sparsely populated, but if someone can get fiber to my street I'll dig a trench and sort out the rest, like most kiwis would if we had the chance.
    By the time we get ADSL2+, the rest of the world will have fiber.
    Can we just bypass this outdated technology and get first world Internet connections already???

    ps - if you don't already; you should point your RSS aggretator to Ernie Newman's 'Downstream' blog - always great for keeping up with the play on such matters of woe...

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  • Island Life: Internet the way you want it,

    I wonder what David Cunliffe has to say on this topic.
    Lord of the dark fibre...RISE!

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  • Auckland Earthquake - Some Mistake Surely?,

    was sitting on my computer chair and it felt like a massive wave went under me; picking me up and dropping me down. It only lasted about 3-4 seconds, but was really strong, I'm on the second floor!

    my mother and sister felt quite ill during it, it must have been the pressure wave.

    wasn't sure whether to run outside or stay put - there are 4 floors above me and didn't want to get crushed or trapped.

    I was thinking 'is something bigger going to follow up or were these just aftershocks?'

    on talkback someone said there hasn't been an earthquake over 4 on the richter scale in auckland since '72 - this one was 4.5

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  • Word of the Year 2006,

    Brash seemed to start every sentence in 2006 with frankly
    so quite frankly I'm going to nominate 'frankly' :)

    "cancerous" - is slightly more powerful though!

    Hey, how about: "unbundled"

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  • Telecom 1987,

    I dug the music

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  • Southerly: They don't make 'em like they…,

    Does anyone remember "The Mysterious Cities of Gold"?
    It was a Japanese/French collaboration. Cool anime with Incan themes that had the most awesome synth soundtrack.

    The witch from HR Pufnstuf really scared me, as did the Master from Doctor Who.

    Stingray was one of my favorites - Aqua Marina!
    Monkey Magic (right after Wooley Valley on Sundays) was crazy!!!

    The Lost Islands was awesome. Does anyone remember another Australian show that had kids riding around the outback on motorbikes???

    What was the locally produced kids programme that had a radio controlled helicopter in it?

    I also remember something about a cavekid, somehow caught in our world, living in a rubbish tip.

    Children of the Dogstar (I had a crush on Gretchen)
    The Littlest Hobo (great theme song too)
    The Terrahawks (Zelda!)
    The Original Battlestar Galactica

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