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Up Front: Cui bono?

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  • mark taslov,

    Pity the family member quoted in the article you linked to has few qualms about using the potential power of this manifestation of mental illness to have a bit of go at someone else…

    Absolutely Rosemary, there are serious questions that need to be asked here regarding the support available for all concerned.

    He chooses to be an arsehole. His mental illness issues are shared by many others who manage not to be persistently nasty towards others.

    Sacha, so the sufferers of chronic depression etc who are similarly unable to contain the anger and emotional outbursts associated with their disorder – causing them to negatively impact the lives of those around them – are “arseholes” and managing illness largely boil down to the apparently simple act of patients choosing not to display the symptoms of the condition?

    Not being in possession of a world view that contains a dismissive ‘arsehole’ category for living breathing beings, especially not those afflicted with underlying issues, I can only assume that your propensity to pigeon hole people in your “arsehole” category and broadcast that judgement may feel like something of an imperative, just as it may for someone with ‘lazy prick’ or ‘feral’ categories, What may differ however are your respective senses of agency.

    This site is incredibly progressive in its exposure of issues surrounding disablement, as for mental illness, there’s clearly so much ground to cover.

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  • Marc C, in reply to Sacha,

    Having suffered severe depression I know that controlling one's behaviour in such situations is not so much a matter of choice, it is near impossible.

    So if Cameron Slater has a mental illness that causes his outrageous comments and personal conduct, I doubt there is any simple solution.

    Where "choice" may come in, that is where a person suffering mental illness that negatively impacts on others, can perhaps choose to seek treatment, whether psychotherapy or medication or both.

    I wonder though whether Mr Whaleoil has chosen proper treatment, he may be treatment resistant, or simply unwilling to be treated, hence his continued inappropriate conduct and nasty comments.

    I suspect he may actually love to indulge in his mental illness behaviour, as that may give him a sense of power over others, as he can intimidate and cause much outrage. Manipulative "skills" seem to be part of this, if that is the case.

    Perhaps someone should refer him for a mental health assessment under the appropriate Act? I wonder what the outcome of that may be.

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  • Sofie Bribiesca, in reply to mark taslov,

    as for mental illness, there’s clearly so much ground to cover.

    I get where you are coming from. And agree. I usually choose to ignore the site WO because I find it time I will not be getting back so why upset myself. I'm thinking that when I see a person with say tourettes on the street, I can identify with it because I can see it ,hear it, have an understanding.My empathy and tolerance prevails. On a laptop ,not so much because I cant be sure what the experience is. So honesty about my feelings is all I can give and I tend to be more simplistic, hence just as triggers are about sensitive issues I like to be warned before clicking on the WO site. I don't wish to add to whatever counting has been conjured up to show his popularity or usefulness. That is all for me and ignoring him suits so I do. I'd love to but are not able to help all suffering, but I do get where you are coming from. Slater might be autistic, depressed, any number of things, could even be a friend of the Corrections Minister. Maybe she might give him all the help he needs or wants? Maybe she could help my friend who got teargassed by accident a few weeks ago? Good one AOS, but I digress. Hey he's got a Blog, someone could ask himself!

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