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Legal Beagle: The law may be that stupid

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  • Kyle Matthews,

    My understanding is that there is a sinking lid of total NZ pokies. So if Sky City gets 500 more that means 500 fewer for the rest of NZ and consequently 500 fewer returns to the Department of Internal Affairs to distribute (ie 37% of 500 pokie machines’ profit). Also there will be 500 fewer pokie machines for Pub Charity and the other trusts to get income from to disburse to community groups (my understanding is that each pokie machine makes a return to the govt and to a pokie trust).

    I don't think that's correct Hilary. There's a sinking lid in Auckland, but these additional 500 are being put on top of that. So there will be the same number of pub charity etc pokies, but more in the sky city charity collection pot.

    It may be that having more pokies means less money (and therefore less grants) going through Pub Charity machines of course, which will lower the total amount available since Sky City distributes almost nothing (how do we have that rule?!?).

    I'm involved with a sport for which gambling charities is lifeblood. It's unfortunate, but the alternative is to charge our families $100 more a year.

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