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Hard News: What Hekia Parata actually said

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  • Hebe, in reply to Isabel Hitchings,

    And when kids do get funding for extra help it only lasts until the end of the school year and then has to be re-applied for in a process that often takes the whole first term.


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  • Kumara Republic, in reply to Sacha,

    and who’d have thunk…

    It only reinforces my personal experiences of private schools being training grounds for tomorrow's country club memberships.

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  • Sofie Bribiesca, in reply to Kumara Republic,

    It only reinforces my personal experiences of private schools being training grounds for tomorrow’s country club memberships.

    I've always felt ,it's a whoyouknow situation here but also everywhere else I go and I concur, it was more beneficial to have grown up in Remuera than many other suburbs even tho I attended Public School. To be in the Grammar Zone surrounded by many private Schools is considered elite when it comes to real estate too so it's a money go 'round fer sure. Bankrupts/ failed investment companies still play golf although they could have failed investors to the tune of millions. Yep, another bugbear of mine. It grates me that Hotchin cleaned out many people but his Paratai portfolio sold to Collin's Oravida mate... but that's the other thread over there ----->>
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  • Yamis, in reply to Sacha,

    but you have to pay to get them tested and diagnosedand who'd have thunk...decile-10 private schools were getting as much as five times more funding than lower-decile schools as applications for help skyrocketed last year. ... In 2012, a total of 3418 of the 143,000 pupils who sat NCEA-level exams got special assistance. Private Auckland school King's College, which regularly tops national academic tables, had 180 pupils sitting NCEA exams last year. Of those 44 qualified for special exam conditions.By comparison, neighbouring school Otahuhu College, which is decile 1 and had four times as many NCEA candidates in 2012, had no SAC applications.

    Thanks for that link Sacha. I had never seen that article. But the school I was alluding to is named in the article (not Kings).

    This is the concerning part:

    The Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand says the system benefits wealthy parents at private schools who have greater access compared to poor parents whose children miss out.

    Applications for funding require parents to pay for a report from an educational psychologist to prove their children have special needs - which critics say benefits those who can afford it.

    The funding covers pupils with a condition that impairs their learning - including dyslexia, apraxia, ADHD and autism.

    I realise they would be worried that every man, woman, dog, and flea would want their kid tested for something if it were free or cheap enough, but surely there's some common sense that can prevail. Students who are identified as failing at an early age can get referred by teachers WHO KNOW THE STUDENT for free or minimal cost. And then in other cases where there are no real alarm bells going off then put the onus on parents/guardians. I'm shocked with those private schools though. If that's the number of students with some degree of learning issues they have then god help the rest of us at Common Muck College.

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