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Hard News: Summer's record has come early

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  • Islander,

    "Come go go day
    wishin' i' my heart it was Sunday
    drinking buttermilk thru' the week
    an' whiskey on a Sunday"

    Big O, Mahitahi, Te Wahi … • Since Feb 2007 • 5643 posts Report

  • Steve Parks, in reply to Jolisa,

    Just watched The Social Network. Like.

    Have you read Zadie Smith's take on the film in the NYRB? She takes the film apart in a way that's quietly brilliant, but not before summing up its appeal to archetype

    Interesting piece. There is a reply to some aspects of her commentary here at The Tangled Web

    Wellington • Since May 2007 • 1165 posts Report

  • Sacha,

    Thanks, Steve. That linked Atlantic story from the critique also makes some compelling points about how skewed Smith's perspective is because of who she is.

    Ak • Since May 2008 • 19745 posts Report

  • Russell Brown,

    The second comment for that Atlantic post is sensational. Well, okay, it says what I wanted to say:

    I like this essay a lot too, like Cynic, and I agree completely with his (her) praise.

    I got a slightly different take from Smith's (and Lanier) though: Which is not that technology reduces our humanness. (She seems to like Skype, for instance.)

    Rather, particular kinds of technology shape the kinds of interactions and connections that can be formed through them. It seems that Smith is perturbed by the kind of philosophy (Stoic, public, cheerful, commercial) which has informed Facebook's architecture.

    On that score, I'd agree with her. There is a kind of presumption in the tradeoff that Facebook makes with its users. It's subtle, and for most people the tradeoff, so far, is well worth the rich social connections that it enables. But it may be that there are different, less compromising ways of enabling the same kinds of connections.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 22850 posts Report

  • Paul Williams, in reply to Emma Hart,

    Duncan and Emma are wonderful, wonderful people, and I'm glad that their compassion and understanding has got attention for a change, rather than vengeance-screaming. Also, Duncan teaches at Unlimited, and has a pretty good grasp on what works with teenagers and what doesn't

    Just saw the story that Emma Woods has been named person of the year by the NZ Herald.

    Sydney • Since Nov 2006 • 2273 posts Report

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