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Hard News: Last Words

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  • Richard Grevers,

    Right - fully caught up.
    Party vote: Green
    Electorate: Andrew Little (Johnathan Young has been rather like Key's mini-me around here, and we've just had pork-barrel promises over the Waiwhakaiho bridge).
    Undecided on second pref - would either be STV or PV

    I had a play on www.onthefence.co.nz this arvo. Unsurprisingly my compatibility was 75% green, 73% Labour, but third at 72% was Mana - who I'd given no consideration to.

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  • Kracklite, in reply to Sacha,

    <cough> Um, yes...

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  • Richard Grevers, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I’m disgusted by the whole thing. By the pointless war Tolley has fought with boards, principals, teachers and parents the length of the country. By the fact that they could foist this on the system without even a trial. By her arrogance. By the utter stupidity of defying advice and ignoring experience in favour of a soundbite.

    Russell, I wanted to belatedly support your tweets about the stupidity of closing ORRS units. We have one at our school (and when Anne Tolley visited it, she only inspected the class which had the more capable kids). How can she not understand that Special needs classrooms are as mainstreamed as you can go for some children. Where once they were locked away in a special school, they can take part in school activities, and the other kids develop respect and tolerance for people who are not the same as them. But put a child with a mental age of 6 months (who isn't toilet-trained) in a general classroom and that tolerance will vanish. Plus I don't see how this can save money - the ORRS classes have 3 staff for 6 kids, but they would need a teacher-aide per child to cope in a general class. If the Auckland closures are a pilot, this will simpley shut these children out of the education system, not to mention imprisoning their parents as fulltime caregivers.

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