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Cracker: That's Not My Name

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  • Jeremy Eade,

    I'd like to think I do too -- and even if I don't like someone, or disagree with their views, I don't get much insight or amusement out watching people being set up to be humiliated in public. Perhaps I'm just turning into a soft cock in my dotage...

    I agree, it's not the best comedy , borat is hit and miss too in my opinion because he has a meaness at times that messes with the funny , and it would be good to get these guys a budget so they don't have to do cheap pranks ....but Paul Henry wasn't humiliated,
    he was just struggling with an idealism i suspect he would have liked to understand.Possibly not the original intent but funny all the same,
    to economist lovers it was funny.

    auckland • Since Mar 2008 • 1112 posts Report

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