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Busytown: School bully

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  • Carol Stewart, in reply to Jolisa,

    And here's another bit of anecdotal evidence, from a teacher who's been talking to her colleagues who are thinking about school choices for their own children:

    I don't really share this gloomy view, largely because at the moment we're lucky that our lad is at a brilliant and enlightened high school and very happy there. I also have the impression that the teachers are pretty proud of and happy in their work, and several of them send their own kids to the school. However, our lad's path through the education system hasn't been all plain sailing. He had a very nasty teacher at intermediate level who was relentlessly negative about him and did little to stop a culture of bullying that took root in the classroom. He was quite devastated when she handed him a 'below national standards' in creative writing; his spelling is a bit wonky but he's got a great original narrative voice and has gotten completely different (and better) assessments on this front from pretty much all his other teachers.

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