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About Greg Wood

Peripatetic Greg careered through a career as forecourt attendant / cycle courier / pizza driver / writer / dj / artist / stagehand / ad agency owner / magazine designer and at least half of the team responsible for bFM's Friday Night Allen and Vas Deferens, before centrifugal force flung him from New Zealand, to Tokyo, to Singapore, where he's now Creative Director for Wunderman. Greg lives in a big white apartment overlooking the jungle, with one cute wife, two cute cats (one on Prozac) and an undefined number of cute geckos. They keep a tiki on the front door and some tapa on the wall because, even though there's fatloads of travel to be done from Singapore (diving in Malaysia, yachting in Phuket, conferences in Cannes...), there's still not enough art or music or great trails and they'd really like to come home. If asked, he would expect his friends to say he's genial, enthusiastic, and he relates well to people from all walks of life. That's what he pays them for, after all. Greg's favourite music is Buffalo Daughter, his favourite food is nattoumaki, and his favourite beer is cold.