Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok

The reflux

[Update: Okay. So I punched Keith. But I gave him prior warning, grabbing on to his raggedy brown hoodie in a spasm of rage (we were the only two people in the green room wearing hoodies), hissing "I really need to hit something. I'm really sorry. I just... I ....."


What's a Leader's Debate without violence? Keith was very understanding; he believes in violence as the basis of political discourse.

It was the "Third World" trigger. The whole 'we aren't importing quality people, we're importing people from the Third World' line. Dude? My parents were from the Third World. After the pounding - both in my head and immediate physical environs - subsided, I was however gratified that none of the undecided voters with their fingers on the worm gave a shit either way about immigrants or where they come from.]

I sent around my last post to The Movement, apologising again for my 'political Tourettes', and with this comment:

Over now to the Asian and migrant community leaders. You fought so hard against the Citizenship and Identity Bill - and now this? From the 'Asian-loving' party? What now? What will Pansy have to say about four-year probational residency for all migrants?

Two responses from the Embedded Asian Underground:

a blatant pitch for New Zealand First votes.

Would Pansy's role, in the 'Asian' context, unfold and unravel like Georgina's, in the Maori context? Maybe another National MP will take on the 'Asian' spokesperson role ... Gerry again perhaps?

And is he an 'Australian Chinese New Zealander'? 'Chinese New Zealander Australian'? 'New Chinese Australian Zealander'? Anyway, from a member of the Double-Diaspora, who left before our 'first Asian MP' took to the House.

oh dear. I'd forgotten about National and NZ First. how charmingly parochial. is pansy some drag queen? perhaps... a beautiful turncoat deadly nazi double agent drag queen.

And from the Rice-roots, an actual 'community leader':

Someone had to say it and it may as well be you!

Come on people: Step up to get yo' rep up. I'm not the only one.