Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok


the identity game

They're taking over. The 'New Zealanders' I mean. As you can see, they're actively killing off the white-folk, looting their homes and renaming their children. Once this demographer realises that we 350,000 'Asians' aren't actually one ethnic group, she may choose instead to worry about the 'New Zealanders' threatening to outnumber Maori to become the minority with the most leverage.

Now, there are undoubtedly some people in this new ascendant minority group who are not just white people who don't like to be called 'Pakeha' or 'European'. But... you can see it right? How the dip from the 'European' category on the left appears to tetris itself rather exactly into the 'New Zealander' category on the far right? The more you look at it, the funnier it gets.

If we could just bump up the MELAA (learn to love this random pan-ethno-acronym) and the Pacific bars, we could make the whole bottom row disappear!


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