Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok

Salient afternoon update[s]

It's 4 pm Wednesday, with Victoria University in agreement to release their 6000 newsprint hostages... and suddenly they 'can't find them'. They'd never make the grade in the Iraqi insurgency.

Where could they have 'lost' an entire print run of Salient? Up their litigious asses? I mean let me get this straight. They stole the Salients because the Salients, like bombs, like weapons of mass distraction, were too dangerous to unleash upon the world. They needed to be stored away under lock and key in a secret bat-cavern where no-one could find them. Which is why they now they can't find them.

Now if the VUW administration were in fact a bunch of drinking-horning, desk-pissing, crashing-through-quad-skylighting, student-mag-abducting student politicians (see my previous post), I wouldn't be batting an eyelid.

But they are meant to be responsible adults, and this is just utter bullshit. I'm incredulous. Kudos to the Salient team for taking on the role of grownups here.

After Keith washes the blood off his hands, he'll probably be ready to take donations.

Further running updates throughout the afternoon...
on NRT, fightingtalk, and finally and comprehensively on the Nip, including the text of the settlement and the original story.

Lyndon Hood notes:

This lapse of collective memory on Vic's part was apparently cured about 5:15 by the application of two TV crews and a Dom Post cameraman.

Matt Nippert opines:

Terri Schiavo died with more dignity.

Hard to argue.

Yeah okay, why is this on Yellow Peril?
a) Keith is Chinese (sshhh, it's a secret)
b) I am as pissed off about this as I am about any race relations issue (tenuous at best)
c) This 'ex-student media blog mafia' thing Russell referred to kind of puts me in mind of a friendly neighbourhood triad gang (yeah, nice try)
c) I'm supposed to be on a blog-holiday so have no need to be thematically relevant (that'll do).