Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok

quick update (warning: no actual breast content)

Wow, I knew they'd put 'boobs' somewhere in my SST headline last week, but never expected the full headline to be totally unrelated to the actual column - sorry to anyone who expected an actual rehash of Lincoln Tan's 'Asian Men Like Boobs' article and found themselves reading about politics instead.

And now, after that first paragraph, there's nothing more about boobs.

In attempted restitution for being too slack or busy or isolated to blog properly from overseas, here's a link to the current index of my columns, the last two which I filed from Thailand. You can kind of tell, from the fact that they don't make sense, which headlines I didn't write.

I'm in the picturesque historical town of Yogyakarta in Indonesia, and have to work on about four articles today, including one for the Jakarta Post, before heading back to Jakarta tomorrow morning. Then off the beach house of Southeast Asian journalism legend John McBeth (not the TVNZ sports commentator), originally from Taranaki, who seems to have turned up just in time for regime change in every country in the region for the last thirty years, and has only lost one leg for his pains. I should send him to China.