Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok

Overheard at the Lantern Festival

Sunday night

David Tung, Chinese-American visitor with art collective The Long March: 'Who's Pansy Wong? She just came to the No Chinatown tent.'

TM: 'And said?'

DT: 'Hi, I'm Pansy Wong.'

TM: 'What did you say?'

DT: 'Hi, I'm David Tung...'

TM: 'She's our only Chinese Member of Parliament.'

DT: 'So she's important?'

TM: 'It's like you just got a visit from Barack Obama.'

DT: 'Really?'

TM: 'Uh... No.'

Friday night

Over the PA at the Karaoke stage:
'We have a lost child here. His name is Ang Lee. A lost child, named Ang Lee. His eyes are brown. His hair is black. He is Chinese. He is eight years old."

From within the Karaoke audience: "He's gay. He was robbed of an Oscar by a smug race relations movie in 2006."