Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok

Lost in translation

Wait a minute: Japan's Trade Minister said China is 'scary'? Are you sure? According to one reader, who seems to know his Senkaku from his Diaoyu, this was a definite case of crap translation.

Unfortunately, one that has been splashed across world headlines. Jim Cathcart, a kiwi who has been spotted writing for the Kyoto Journal, said:

What's happening in China is really getting perverted by both sides. The Japanese media are blowing it way out of proportion, while the Western media start mistranslating the Japanese foreign minister who described China as "scary," when he was actually trying to describe the protestors' actions as erratic.

Looks like yet another case for hanzismatter, who reminds us that what may be 'son-in-law' in China translates as 'pussy-whipped' in Japan.

I'll be sure to ask Japan's Blues Minister what he thinks, Friday night.