Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok

Less math, more kidnapping

Okay you guys. You could read the four intelligent well thought out posts by the PA-Team below. OR... you watch this awesome 10-minute cartoon episode of The Minoriteam, in which five racial stereotype superheros battle the forces of the White Shadow!

A ponytailed Indian ex-pro skater becomes... Non-Stop, a swami resistant to all convenience-store bullets! A Latino CEO of an Oil company transforms into Il Jeffe, a Mexican Gardener armed with an infinitely powerful leaf-blower! A geeky black Professor is secretly the Fastest Man that Ever Was, who also dazzles and hypnotises his enemies by performing feats of breakdancing! Ladies' man Neil Horowitz explodes into ...'Jew-cano', a mystical being with all the power of the Jewish faith... and a volcano! The Minoriteam Mastermind is of course Doctor Wang the wheelchair'd laundromat owner and Human Calculator extraordinaire. His sage encapsulation of the Minoriteam mission: "We must use what we are not, to destroy what they have become." Er...of course, shifu. The voice-actor sounds exactly like David Fane doing Wong from Hong Kong.

The stunning finale involves their ascent through the Four Levels of Racism, climaxing with a showdown with the terrifying eraser-headed behemoth The Standardised Test.

Wang should do more kidnapping, but it's still pretty great. Via angryasianman, of course.

I suppose I could comment on the local kidnapping/immigration/stereo- type news situation, but the Minoriteam clip pretty much sums it up.