Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok

End of an era

Noooo!!! Mofe Fashion, little Hong Kong boutique and icon of Mid City arcade, is closing down! Christine the owner is packing up and going back to Hong Kong. I made my contribution to the Back to the Homeland movement by going nuts at the closing down sale (still on).

I also chatted with Christine about why she's leaving New Zealand. Answers reserved for the column rather than the blog, but here are some things you can't get in the paper:

I've added a Mofe tribute to my 'Asian Invasion: birth of a movement' flickr set to commemorate its role at the heart of the Mid City/E-Street late 90s revolution.

And, I have finally discovered after eight years that 'Mofe' was simply the clothing brand name of a range she used to sell in the shop – Christine doesn’t actually know what the hell it means either.