Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok

early election

Come on, click through, it's time to vote! Don't you love voting? I vote every chance I get. Dad took me into the polling booth with him in 1984, put the highlighter in my hand, and suddenly, I was complicit in the New Right Revolution at the age of six.

Ever since then, I've been addicted to voting to try and reverse that blot on my record.

But how often do you get to vote for something you actually believe in? Here's your chance: Vote by June 1st in the Reporters Without Borders Freedom Blog Awards.

Where Burma sweeps the Human Rights Documentary industry, Iran has long been dominating the persecuted political blogosphere with its killer blend of one of the most vibrant, outspoken, educated, grassroots democracy-movements in the middle-east, and a regime on the back foot that just won't quit. Iran actually has its own category in the Freedom Blog awards - although because nearly all political Iranian blogs are in Farsi, the only criteria you may have for voting could be based on the amount of time each blogger has spent in prison lately.

As for the Asian category, I'm predictably and parochially torn between Mainland China's angrychineseblogger, Malaysian Jeff Ooi's Screenshots, and singabloodypore.

For Middle East/Africa, who could possibly touch riverbend? You might be interested in the Zimbabwean nominee - but the site is down. Not a good sign.

While you're feeling spoiled for choice, check out the schedule for the Asia Film Festival currently on at the Academy, also until June 1. Stick with the online version - the printed schedule has a lot of errors, and looks like a Cathay Pacific inflight menu. But the fare itself is excellent.