Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok

Dragon In

In the spirit of election lolly-scrambles, here is a random and never-to-be repeated Yellow Peril giveaway, worth actual money even. But with social responsibility inevitably worked in to the equation. You gotta learn before you earn.

In part also to make up for my embarrassing, but self-corrected, Chinese-name confusion between Jet Li and Jackie Chan, I present a Dragon-Lee quiz.

Here we have three Li-something-Dragons.

1. 李小龙
2. 李先龙
3. 李成龙

Which of these Dragon-Lis is:
a) the Prime Minister of Singapore
b) the top ping-pong champ of Hunan Province
c) Bruce Lee

Match the numbers to the letter-choices correctly, and the first eight (count'em) EIGHT correct answers which include a compelling anti-hegemonic disruptive geek justification for breaking into the high-buffer testosterone-zone of Les Mills, as well as a convincing needs-based argument (for example, I am a destitute student at risk of diabetes due to poor diet and unaffordable gym memberships), win a voucher for a free Les Mills membership until the end of October, worth $170 each apparently. If you're in Auckland I'll name a pick-up spot, if you're in the rest of the country (wherever the rest of the country is meant to be), include your postal address.

I scabbed these babies from the tables of the EEO Trust Work and Life Awards last night, having somehow scammed my way in for a square meal and glass of wine or three. There were plenty going spare - corporate fatcats are, you know, proud to be fat. Mt Albert Pak n' Save were the favourite winners of the evening. If you're from anywhere in the vicinity of Southwest Central, you'll know what that's about. Aleikum salaam, fly those flags.

I plan to attend Les Mills in my Free Ahmed Zaoui cut-off muscle-tee, and sing loudly along to Bikini Kill on my walkman, while strolling on the treadmill and watching music videos without having to listen to them, then hog the sauna afterwards, reading my Harpers. Unless of course I'm too lazy to go at all. Hmm... rather like some people's attitudes to voting.