Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok

Chinese media villanelle

It goes like this:

Race and Demographics Reporter Julie Middleton and Lincoln Tan write Chinese student prostitution feature for Herald.
Cousin Derek Cheng writes Herald story on Salient Top Five joke about 'The Chinese'.
CHAFF puts Mao's head on a woman.
Keith writes Public Address blog defending Salient, and writes letters to newspaper editors also showing concern for international students.
Therefore Tze Ming takes week off Yellow Peril.
Tze Ming writes SST column about Lincoln, iBall, Chinese student prostitutes, and 'ethnic' media being hammered by community detractors.
Keith has blog translated into Chinese and put on Skykiwi.
Keith hammered by teenage nationalist wingnuts on Skykiwi thread.
Julie Middleton leaves the Herald for more temperate climes, and is greatly mourned by people subject to Race and Demographics.
Herald immediately runs article in which guardians of international students not excessively using a perfectly legal avenue of immigration policy, are labelled 'scammers' perpetrating 'fraud'.
Keith defends himself in Chinese on Skykiwi thread.
Lincoln writesHerald column about iBall, Chinese student prostitutes, and 'ethnic' media being hammered by community detractors, particularly teenage nationalist wingnuts on Skykiwi threads.
Tze Ming defends Keith in Chinese on Skykiwi thread.
CHAFF defends itself in Chinese on Skykiwi.
Skykiwi detractors on balance prefer Chaff to Salient (probably because the translator took out all the wanky postmodern phraseology).
Someone quotes Mao ironically on CHAFF Skykiwi thread.
Tze Ming writes piece on Immigration Act Review for iBall, and puts out a publication featuring topless chicks-with-dicks on the cover.
Lincoln establishes regular column in the Herald.
Tze Ming writes blog in third person featuring pointless John Yau reference, especially as this is really more like a pantoum.
Tze Ming starts writing SST column about Skykiwi.

Choose three other issues, repeat cycle. Try to make it rhyme this time.