Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok

burn the rag to the ground G!

Hip-hop doesn't need to be validated by mainstream recognition or high-culture accolades. But... in your face rhythmless right-wing tax-cutters! Hip Hop Music in Aotearoa just won a Montana: IN - YOUR - FACE!

I don't mean to imply that all right-wingers have no rhythm... But in that particular link above (I googled 'hip-hop tour'), David Farrar has certainly displayed impeccable timing. Oh, and is that barely-veiled racism I see? No? 'Kay, just checking.

Well that's it. Just got a bit excited there, after getting the text-message from Gareth. He should be getting ripped at the Montana after-party (I hear the Montanas are quite a big gig) right about now. I hope that if he's mobbed backstage by language-poet groupies with Access Alliterative Area passes trying to keep it real and be down with the brown, that he won't settle for anyone less than Vincent O'Sullivan.

Oh well, while you're here - a very quick hip-hop tour:

Junichi Semitsu reviews Rize for all of y'all who couldn't fit into the Civic on Saturday.

(And bonus, irresistable Poplick: Bad news for Chinese, Asians in general, and monks. Good news for dwarves.)

Jeff Chang's Can't Stop Won't Stop wins an American Book Award (although it doesn't need to, 'cos it's hip-hop).

(And bonus Jeff Chang/Film Festival crossover: Why I didn't see Crash, or Can White Hollywood get race right?. Try saying that five times fast - your and Hollywood's chances aren't good.)