Yellow Peril by Tze Ming Mok

Bloggers in the rubble

Surely, it's one of our other Londons. sepia mutiny and Ultrabrown on the ground in Mumbai are running updates on the situation. If they haven't phoned home, try contacting loved ones through the Mumbaihelp blog.

Have succumbed to that awful silence that follows awful events, I'm afraid.

Sticking with the Brown - Singapore's uncannily named top-dog of politicalish-blog humour punditry Mr Brown has just been suspended 'indefinitely' from his newspaper column for being too funny. Too funny about the government. Full column "Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!" here; government response here; getting fired here; RSF criticism of the government here; the start of a 'Mr Brown Freedom Movement' outlined here; resulting in an actual flashmob public protest to support him here.

This freedom of information/internetty thing actually seems to be working.