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    Dutch director Water Stokman's Let Me Have It All, a road-movie documentary following his search for the crazy, brilliant funk president Sly Stone, gets a screening on the Documentary Channel at 10pm tonight.

    Stokman's award-winning directorial debut was made in 1993, six years after Sly's last live performance, and it would be a full 13 years later before Sly would get back on stage, to be inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in February of this year. A tribute album, Different Strokes By Different Folks, featuring The Roots, Black Eyed Peas, Steve Tyler and others, was released at the same time.

    The Washington Post ran a backgrounder as rumours of Sly's Grammy appearance spread earlier this year.

    There's an official (ie: Sony BMG) Sly website and a fan-run MySpace page, which includes a link to buy the catalogue at the iTunes Store (don't bother with the New Zealand store - like most things of interest, it ain't there). And, naturally, there's a solid Wikipedia entry.

    Where you really want to go after watching the doco, of course, is YouTube, where there's a real trove of fine Sly moments - not including this shocking what-were-they-thinking moment from the 1975 American Music Awards.

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